December 3, 2013

Kickstarter Album Release Show Success

Kickstarter Release Show Banner

The Kickstarter release show at the Lincoln Theatre was a great success! There were over 450 tickets accounted for out of 500 seats!

We are now working on releasing 700 Miles nationally and internationally in early 2014. There has been quite a buzz building…and we are hard at work on some heavy plans to make that buzz spread across the country and in Europe.

If you would like copies of the CD’s initial pressing, you can email and request info. There are a limited quantity and we will not be pressing any more until early 2014. They make a great stocking stuffer and you can say you were among the very first to have one! When they’re out, they’re out. A couple typos therein will guarantee it is from the initial pressing and Matt will even sign each one!

Also, here are the places Matt will be playing in December. You will also be able to buy these limited CDs there.

  • Dec. 4 The Top 6-9:30pm
  • Dec. 6 Ocean Club 6-11pm
  • Dec. 11 The Top 6-9:30pm
  • Dec. 14 Ocean Club 6-11pm
  • Dec. 18 The Top 6-9:30pm
  • Dec. 19 Eddie Merlot’s 6-10pm
  • Dec. 21 Eddie Merlot’s 6-10pm
  • Dec. 26 Eddie Merlot’s 6-10pm
  • Dec. 28 Eddie Merlot’s 6-10pm

Again, email for info on getting Matt’s new CD in it’s initial pressing. Thanks!

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November 21, 2013

Matt in the Press

Matt has recently been featured in an article written by Andy Downing of Columbus Alive titled “New life inspires Matt Munhall to write about death”.

On “How Did I Ever Get This Far,” the singer pictures himself standing at the pearly gates, while “When I’m Gone,” envisions those left behind to deal with the aftermath. Then, on “Heart of a Man,” a father races home to his dying daughter, counting down the miles on the highway (“700 miles … 300 miles … 100 miles”) and praying she can hold on long enough for him to say goodbye. “Momma starts to panic, voice is shakin’ on the phone,” Munhall sings atop delicate piano chords and a lush bed of strings. “Before the sun goes down I’ve got to make it home.”

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Additionally, Matt was also highlighted in This Week Community News about his upcoming 700 Miles album release show for his Kickstarter campaign.

Local pianist/singer/songwriter Matt Munhall will celebrate the release of his fourth album, 700 Miles, with a Friday, Nov. 22, gig in the Lincoln Theatre.

A host of top-notch central Ohio musicians will join Munhall for the gig, some of whom played on the record, which was recorded in Nashville — a first for Munhall.

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July 11, 2013

New Album Synopsis

I’ve just settled back into fatherhood, Columbus, and gigging after two amazing weeks spent making a great recording that truly represents my work at its best. It was amazing to hear my songs come to life with all the folks who were involved in the process. I’ll tell the stories of how each person contributed, but first, allow me to tell you about my own experience from my point of view…

Making a record can be frightening, not the spooky kind, but the real life – what if more than 3 years of hard work turns into a complete failure? – type of frightening. After all, this is what I’ll be using as the cornerstone of my performances for the next couple of years. I will carry this as a torch that will light the working path ahead, so it had better be my best. The pressure that comes along with all the moving parts, the scheduling, the big huge chunk of change, the travel, etc., can be overwhelming. I have spent thousands of hours thinking, writing, editing, singing songs this way and that, and imagining all the while what I wanted the finished collection of songs to be in the end. The melodies, rhythms, phrasings, ideas, language, message, and delivery have been worked on over and over again. I love doing this. This is my gift, this is my mission, to make beautiful music with meaning that others can relate to and derive lasting joy from. The support I have received and continue to receive from all of you is incredible. Now, let me reflect back on each person who was involved in the actual making of my new record, so that you may have a window into the workings of this labor of love.


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June 28, 2013

An Update from Nashville

Brad Jones, producer, has been at the helm. He is some rare kind of responsible and energetic bohemian mastermind sensai… that doesn’t even do it justice.  All in one seamless motion he traps magic, spirit, and soul – you only realize it after it happens.

My friend, Jane Baldwin, ended up coming down for four days to help create a happy, real vibe at the compound here – she succeeded. She has also took hours of documentary footage.

Parker MacDonell, co-writer on about half the songs, flew down and took us to some great spots in Nashville like “Noshville” and “Bongo Java.”  He even hooked us up with a nice home cooked meal with a great songwriter named Trent Summar and his wife (on their 6th anniversary no less, now that’s some skills!) Parker has a way of bringing the best out of me, and I’m so glad he could come down and enjoy the experience.


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