October 15, 2015

Upcoming Show at Notes and an Update from Matt


Hello my friends!

It’s been a long while since I’ve written you to let you know what’s happening with my music…too long. First off, I want to invite you to a special show I’m playing at a new venue in Columbus called Notes (http://www.copiouscolumbus.com/new-index/). The show is October 24th, 8:30pm til 11:30pm. I’ll be joined by my longtime partners Jack Knuttila on drums and Roger Hines on the bass. We hope you can make it out to support us! We’d love to see you…

Now the update…. some of you will remember that I finished 700 Miles in 2013 and that I was able to do some touring of a dozen or so cities in conjunction with the cd’s release in 2014. You may not know that I hired a publicity and booking agency out of New York City to help me get my music out further than before. Truth be told that was a big bust. Lesson learned. Given how happy I was with the recording and where I was musically, the nearly complete failure of the firm to produce results for the heavy sum I paid, was devastating. After that happened I kinda crawled into a hole as far as promotion was concerned. I recommitted myself to what I’ve always done…. playing the gigs and writing new songs. At this point, I’ve got enough good ones to begin the work on a 5th album which I hope to record in 2016. The working title is Walking in the Light.

I’m playing 4 nights a week steady at my residencies in Columbus and very active in the original music scene. I’m playing nursing homes and assisted living communities again, which is where I started playing publicly as a kid. And I’ve also been playing at different churches that have invited me due to some of my newer songs being faith inspired. I’m even playing Catholic mass regularly at St. Mary’s in Delaware, OH. I’m usually there at least once a month.

Thank you to all of you for making my journey in music possible… I wish you all the very best… let me know how you are doing too!

Maybe I’ll get to see you @ Notes October 24th?!

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