November 30, 2016

The 5th Album is Finished!!!

Thank you!! Let’s celebrate!

To my supporters, friends, inspirers, collaborators and accountability partners.

On my 34th birthday, back in March, I asked you all to be collective patrons of my 5th album, Walking to the Light. You, my community of support, showed up and delivered!

I put my whole heart and soul into giving you back an album of original songs that honors the tremendous gift you have given me. I believe in the record that I’ve made along with the help of many talented people. I believe it’s an honest reflection of life, and the performances are my most real and live moments that I’ve been fortunate enough to record.

If you are able, please join me at the McConnell Arts Center in my hometown of Worthington, Ohio on January 14th and 15th.

I’ll be joined on stage by an ensemble of talented musicians to perform the songs live from Walking to the Light and many more from my previous albums.

To purchase tickets follow this link – Buy Tickets

Many of you have tickets already that you will receive as part of your Kickstarter reward package. You will be able to pick up your tickets at Will Call.

If you are someone who is receiving tickets as part of your backer reward and you can not make the show, please let me know. Also, you can have someone use your tickets in your place if you are unable to attend. If you’d like to have someone else use your tickets, just let me know the names.

Again, thank you all so much for your support, I would never have been able to complete this record without you! I look forward to celebrating with you all!


For those of you who’d like to read more about the process of recording the album… Read the Recording Process Synopsis »

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