April 19, 2020

I Met Mr. Dylan

I got to meet Mr. Dylan once because of Charlie Sexton taking me to a show. We had just finished making a record together. And I can tell you from being near Bob a few times and having met him once, he certainly contains multitudes. I’ll just say this – nobody ever looked me over back-and-forth and up-and-down for as long as Bob Dylan did . He didn’t look pleased!!! (Who is this guy with cheap clothes and a red face, and why is he standing next to Charlie!)

Hahaha…Enjoy this awesome song – don’t forget this man has not stopped touring in several decades. Pretty sure you’re gonna make it to heaven before they close the door Bob:-) oh, one more thing- I paid Charlie 1000 bucks to play on my record he never cashed the check I texted him once and said did you wash the check in your jeans or something ? and he said “least I can do” wow that was amazing – huge heart there / thank you Charlie Sexton


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