April 19, 2020

Deep Thoughts on My City of Ruins

Hey this is Dave Man the Cave Man! I’m taking on the posting responsibilities for Matt’s website (What a honor!). I have been a long time brother of Matts for 22 years now and I have loved every minute of it.

Matt Munhall is flying high in CBus and is rocking mad vocals in his cover of My City of Ruins by the Boss! It’s amazing how music brings us all together, lifts us up, and gives us hope during these trying times. Matt Munhall’s flowing hair, and boisterous voice illuminates the song to new heights. The song is inspirational and warms the soul. Take a peak at the video when you have time and I know everyone has 5 minutes to spare. Take care everyone and may God be with you!

My City of Ruins by Matt Munhall

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