Matt Munhall is a pianist, composer, recording artist and performer whose songs are stylistically diverse and inspire reflection on the journey of life. His performances are always evolving, and his delivery and direction of his band show he is a seasoned professional. Concert set lists usually include a wide variety of classics in addition to songs from his four full length albums. Covers usually include songs of Sinatra, Beatles, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Randy Newman, Billy Joel, Elton John, and other hall of fame artists.

As an artist who has averaged over 200 performances a year over the last 12 years, Munhall has learned to adapt and improvise well, keeping audiences of all ages and backgrounds engaged and entertained. He has played in many varied venues in central Ohio, played regularly in NYC and other cities in the NE and Midwest, played several times in Austin, TX, and even played in Germany on Ramstein Air Force Base for 6 months In 2004-2005

In 2013, Matt finished his fourth studio album, 700 Miles, with Nashville producer Brad Jones at his studio “Alex the Great”.  Jones is a prodigious and prolific producer for artists, including Richard Julian, Over The Rhine, Tim Easton, Josh Rouse, Jill Sobule, Marshall Crenshaw, The Autumn Defense, Chuck Prophet, Hayes Carll, Dolly Parton and many, many more.

Notably, all the guitar on the recording was played by guitar legend Charlie Sexton. Sexton is Bob Dylan’s lead guitarist for most of the last 15 years.

Brad Jones, producer of 700 Miles, said the following about Matt’s album:
“This is the best record I’ve been involved in since Bush was president. There was very little discussion about what would be hip or what would be timely.  It was all instinct and delivery on Matt’s part. I think I’ve listened to the record 20-30 times since we did it – which is something I never do. Munhall is musically gifted, unapologetically sensitive, unflinchingly honest, poetically tough, and if you don’t believe me, just listen to the record.”

Munhall emerged from the experience in Nashville with a whole new level of energy and poise. When you see him perform with his band you see an artist at home on stage, leading the band on a musically refreshing and rewarding journey through the sounds of life.

Matt usually plays in the power pop piano trio, or he can add additional players if the situation and budget allow. When he released his latest record to a packed house at the Lincoln Theatre, he was joined by 10 musicians on stage which made for a truly amazing sound. Often times he plays with a quintet of piano, bass, drums, guitar, and auxiliary keyboardist for civic shows and festivals.

Munhall has solo residencies at The Top, Eddie Merlot’s, Luce Nuovo, and Brookside G&CC. He did a duo tour of the midwest and NE with bassist Roger Hines in spring 2014. His band frequents Natalie’s, Dick’s Den, and recently played the Worthington Concert on the Green summer 2014. Munhall and an ensemble of ten musicians released 700 Miles at the Lincoln Theatre in late 2013.

Chris Deville wrote in 2009, covering Munhall’s previous release in the Columbus Alive,  “Munhall is the kind of pop songwriter you and your parents can agree on. He’s classy in many senses of the word – polite and well-groomed, but also smart, sophisticated and capable of writing songs that bridge the generation gap. Munhall’s skill as an arranger comes to the fore spectacularly on the album. Every sound gets its spotlight.”

Matt is licensed as an artist and publisher affiliate with SESAC Nashville.

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